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Insurance premiums rise for speed awareness course attendees

Insurance firm Admiral has begun treating speed awareness courses as though they were convictions and increasing costs as a result.

The company justified its actions by claiming drivers caught speeding were statistically more of a risk and speed awareness courses did not change that.

However, police forces and local councils maintain that attending the courses does not affect insurance premiums, while a spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers?told BusinessCar that drivers are not obliged to disclose whether they have attended a course unless they are specifically asked by their insurer.

The Association of Chief Police Officers told the BBC that Admiral’s move could be detrimental to road safety, while a spokesperson for driver training firm AA Drivetech said: “It’s absolutely clear that such courses reduce the likelihood of re-offending and therefore attendees are less likely to be involved in a crash.”

“I hope that other insurers don’t start penalising those who do attend them: it will undermine much of the important progress being made to improve road safety.”

Source: BusinessCar

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