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Fleet leasing services

Want to cut fleet costs. And spend less time managing your fleet?

Running a fleet is costly and time consuming.  Our approach will reduce your fleet costs and take the hassle out of running your fleet.  

Free fleet review

Some companies are lucky enough to have a qualified fleet manager - but for most, this role usually falls to someone in finance or a director.

In today's economic climate, it's more important than ever to manage your business costs.  Therefore why not take advantage of our free fleet review?

Fleet finance

Running a fleet of vehicles is costly - But you can save yourself money by sourcing and financing your vehicles from the right place. 

We work with all the major finance companies and get them to bid for your fleet.  By doing this, we'll find the most cost effective way of financing your fleet

Fleet insurance

Wouldn't you like to know that you've got the best cover for your fleet without paying too much for it?

We'll save you money by reducing your fleet car insurance / van fleet insurance.

Fleet maintenance

Maintenance packages provide you with a fixed monthly cost for your maintenance and servicing needs. 

Fleet maintenance will make your life easier - by offering convenience, peace of mind and it'll help with duty of care regulations.  Read more about fleet maintenance.

Driving licence check

In the past, most companies have simply taken a copy of an employee's driving licence and kept it on file.  Due to recent changes in legislation, this is no longer enough.

Find out more about our low cost driving licence check service and why you should use it.

Short term leasing

If you already have your fleet with us, there may be the odd occasion when you need the flexibility of a short term lease.

Contact us - to cut fleet costs and make your life easier

Let us help cut your fleet costs, save your time, and take the hassle out of running your fleet.  Just call us on01993 894981 or send us an enquiry.

01993 894981
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