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Fleet car insurance / van fleet insurance

Wouldn't you like to know that you've got the best cover for your fleet, without paying too much for it?

Whether you lease your fleet with us or not, we will help you to reduce your fleet insurance premium.

Why contact us for your fleet insurance?

1) We'll save you time and money

We work hard to get you the best rate.

Our providers' will scan the market to find you the best cover at the best price.  We'll save your time, as you won't have to spend hours going through your details with numerous providers to find the best price.

2) Benefit from our knowledge

Our providers' specialise in fleet insurance for cars and vans - unlike many others who use it as an 'add-on' service.  

Fleet insurance is a specialist area, and many things can go wrong if you choose the wrong insurance.  We are highly experienced in this field - You can benefit from our knowledge.

3) It's less hassle

If you already lease with Vesource, it's far less hassle to keep your fleet requirements in one place.

For example, you may find you need a hire vehicle for 7 days and you need an insurance cover note.  If you take advantage of our competitive vehicle hire and insurance service, we can go ahead and arrange it all.  So you don't have to get involved - saving you time and hassle.

Who can take advantage of our service?

You must have a fleet of 2 or more vehicles (even if they are not leased through Vesource - we'll still help reduce your fleet vehicle insurance).

We can insure a fleet of cars or vans - or a combination.

Like the sound of reducing your fleet insurance? 

We believe we can reduce your fleet insurance premium - don't believe us?  Why not make contact and see for yourself.

Contact us

Let us save you money, time and take the hassle out of organising your Fleet insurance.  Why not give us a call on 0845 052 5268 or send us an enquiry?

01993 894981
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