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Free fleet whole life costs review

Free review for companies

Are you an accountant, finance director, managing director or someone else with a similar role who also has the responsibility of managing your fleet?

Managing your fleet is a costly and time consuming task.  Some companies are lucky enough to have a qualified fleet manager but for most, this role usually falls to someone in finance or a director.

And you're probably busy enough, without the burden of managing your fleet!  

In today's economic climate, it's more important than ever to manage your business costs.  Not to mention being aware of changes to legislation and tax.  Therefore why not take advantage of our free fleet review?

Call us on 01993 894981 to make an appointment or send us an enquiry.

How will our free whole life costs fleet review benefit you?

Understanding the true cost of running a vehicle, incorporating all costs rather than just monthly rentals can improve fleet efficiency. There are many elements to running a vehicle and by taking them all into consideration you are able to make better and more cost efficient for your fleet.

Running a fleet is one of the most costly areas of a business - and one of the biggest headaches.  

Our fleet review will look at the way you run your fleet and is supported by strategic fleet consultants who can provide advice and support to help you define and implement the most suitable fleet policy for your business.

Who is the review aimed at?

Our free fleet review is aimed at companies that don't have a qualified fleet manager.  You also need to have ten or more vehicles in your fleet (cars or vans).   

It's ideal for companies that have grown and may not be managing their fleet in the most time and cost effective way.

We'll also help you understand changes in legislation - By covering aspects that you're probably aware of, but don't have the time to really think about them.

What's covered in the review?

The review covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Vehicle choice
  • Vehicle financing
  • Fleet administration
  • Vehicle servicing, maintenance & repair (SMR)
  • Driver training
  • Mileage reduction
  • Driver licence checking

Amongst others.

How do we carry out the review?

The review can take an hour, It will take place over the phone or we'll come and visit you.

We'll discuss how you currently run your fleet and what you are looking to achieve, we'll then send you a report with recommendations on how to make improvements based on information provided.

There's no commitment or catches - just expert advice tailored to your specific needs.  Call us on 01993 894981 to make an appointment or send us an enquiry.

01993 894981
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