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Fleet car insurance / van fleet insurance

Professional motor fleet insurance
contact us for a value for money policy tailored to your needs

The benefit of a motor fleet insurance policy for two or more vehicles is that different types of vehicle can be insured on the same policy, including Car Fleets, Van Fleets, Lorry Fleets, Taxi Fleets, Haulage / Goods Vehicle Fleets, Courier Fleets and mixtures of each.

Call us and speak to a specialist fleet insurance broker. Our experts can identify your particular requirements and ensure you have the right kind of insurance and will do their utmost to beat any other quote.

Having a fleet insurance policy saves you time, worry and money. Different types of vehicles can be covered and there are no restrictions on the type of business for you to be eligible for fleet insurance. Also, you may be able to add another type of insurance, such as goods in transit if needed. This means you can be covered for other areas without having to set up a separate policy.

How do I get a competitive motor fleet insurance quote?

If your fleet insurance policy is due for renewal you will have a quote from your current insurer which will include your fleet insurance history. We need this information in order for us to arrange a quote for you.

If you want a quote for a new fleet insurance policy then we need as much written evidence as possible such as current car, van, lorry, no claims discount or equivalent company driving experience.

We are also able to provide quotes for family fleet insurance. This is designed for families who have 4 or more vehicles to insure and can be mixture of cars, vans, motorcycles, horseboxes, motor homes etc.

What is covered by fleet insurance?

All the same types of insurance available for any motor insurance will be available in a fleet form. The biggest difference is in how your fleet is rated by the insurer. Instead of rating on each vehicle and earning no claims discount, the insurer will rate on the claims experience of your business. There is usually an excess on each claim.

Why buy Fleet Insurance?

  • reduces administration
  • one renewal date and one insurer
  • usually costs less per vehicle in a fleet than insuring each vehicle separately

Cost depends on how many vehicles you have, what they are, who drives them, what they are used for and where they are kept.

Fleet Insurance benefits - dependent on insurer and cover

  • Breakdown assistance
  • New vehicle replacement within 12 months of 1st registration
  • Courtesy vehicle
  • Legal protection free on all policies
  • Windscreen cover on all comprehensive policies
  • Mirrored no claims bonus from private car insurance policies
  • Travel to the EU
  • Cover for radios and stereo equipment

Fleet insurance:

  • Company car fleet insurance
  • Courier fleet insurance
  • Family fleet insurance
  • Goods vehicle fleet insurance
  • Mini fleet insurance
  • Taxi fleet insurance
  • Van fleet insurance

Contact us

Let us save you money, time and take the hassle out of organising your fleet insurance.  Why not give us a call on 0845 052 5268 or send us an enquiry?

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