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Driving licence checking

When did you last check your employees' driving licences?

In the past, most companies have simply taken a copy of an employee's driving licence and kept it on file.  This is no longer enough.

Due to changes in legislation, you are at serious risk if you don't check your employees' licences on a regular basis.

Why you must carry out driving licence checks?

Health & Safety regulations and recent changes to the Corporate Manslaughter Act, mean that it is now more important than ever to check the validity of your employees' driving licences.  

This includes checking licences on a regular basis, not just once.  After all, how can you be sure if, for example, an employee hasn't been banned?  

If you don't - your company, or senior managers, directors and partners could face prosecution.

Does your company need to check licences?

Yes, if you:

  • Provide company vehicles to your employees
  • Allow your employees to use their own vehicles on business trips (this could simply be an administrator going to the post office)
  • Have a pool vehicle

How we can help you?

We provide a simple low cost service - that checks the validity of your employees' driving licences - as held by the DVLA.  

Our service will help protect you and your business from prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter Act - and help with your Duty of Care responsibility.

How does our service benefit you?

1) Most importantly - Legal compliance

You are at serious risk if your drivers are on the road without a valid driving licence.  Or are driving without the correct vehicle category entitlement.

Checking driver licences on a regular basis will help demonstrate you acting responsibly in terms of duty of care.  And will help you adhere to the Corporate Manslaughter Act.

2) It will help you with administration

Do you, or a colleague, continuously have to chase drivers to bring in their licences for you to take a copy? 

Auditing, managing, collecting, storing, recording each driver's driving licence and endorsements status is time-consuming.

Our service simplifies and reduces the administrative burden.  We'll manage the process, and save your administrative time.

3) We'll save you money

Driver licence checking is an inexpensive service.  Your insurance premiums are likely to go down and you'll benefit from administrative time savings.

How does it work?

Simply ask your employees to sign a 3-year driving licence mandate - this will give us permission to start the checking process.

We manage the process, so you don't have to.  We'll check your drivers and send you a comprehensive report for new and existing employees.

We'll run a suitable and an agreed amount of checks - depending on whether your employee is classed as 'high risk' or 'low risk'. 

After 3 years, when the mandate expires - your employee will simply be asked to sign another mandate.

What information will you receive?

We'll run a DVLA report which will confirm if:

  • Your employees have passed a driving test?
  • Any of your employees are currently banned from driving?
  • They are entitled to drive the category of vehicle they are driving?
  • Your employees have undisclosed points or endorsements on their licence?

Identifying who your high risk drivers are, will enable you to improve fleet safety and help protect your business from prosecution.

What does it cost?

The cost depends on the number of checks we carry out.

We recommend checking 'Low risk' employees (ie those with 3 or less points) once a year.  And 'high risk' employees once every 3 months.

Some scary stats...

Statistics from the insurance company, Direct Line - tell us that there are nearly 1,000,000 motorists who are very close to a driving ban - Just 3 points away. 

Primarily, this is because of penalty points they have accumulated from speeding. 

Speeding convictions over the past 5 years have risen dramatically.  If one of your employees looses their licence, can you be sure they'd tell you?  After all, they won't want to loose their job.

Don't take the risk - contact us today

We can help you implement a driving licence checking policy.  Avoid potential legal issues and call us on 01993 894981 or send us an enquiry.

01993 894981
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