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Fleet leasing

Wouldn't it be great to know that you've got the best leasing rates for your fleet - with the least amount of hassle?

We help companies that don't have the luxury of a fleet manager - and where this role has usually fallen to someone in finance or a director.

If this is you, the chances are that you don't enjoy the burden of managing the company's fleet - and that you want to get on with your primary day job.

Benefits of our fleet leasing service

1) You'll save money

Running a fleet of vehicles is costly - But you can save your company money by sourcing and financing your vehicles from the right place. 

We work with all the major finance companies and get them to bid for your fleet.

By doing this, we save you money as we'll find the most cost effective way of financing your fleet. 

If you want to save money, then put the Vesource team to work by calling us on 01993 894988 or send us an enquiry.

2) You'll save time and have less hassle

Sorting out your fleet takes time - something you simply don't have enough of.

We can take the time and hassle factor away from organising your fleet - by tailoring a fleet leasing package which will really help you.    

3) Are you legally compliant?

Legislation is getting ever more complicated.  We offer a number of low cost services that'll give you the reassurance that your business is complying with the latest legislation.

Free fleet review

Running a fleet is one of the most costly areas of a business - and one of the biggest headaches. 

Our fleet review will look at the way you run your fleet.  We'll make recommendations on how you can improve fleet efficiency - to save you time and money. 

It's free, so why not find out more about our fleet review.

Why lease your fleet with us?

We help companies that don't have the luxury of a fleet manager - and where this role has usually fallen to someone in finance or a director.

We specialise in small to medium-sized fleets (10-100), both cars and vans.  We understand the needs of a fleet of this size, making life easier for you.

With Vesource, you'll receieve a more tailored and personalised service compared to other larger leasing companies.  Who to be honest, are mainly interested in fleets of 100+.  From experience, they don't give fleets under this size the time and service they deserve - unlike us.  The time we'll spend on your fleet, will make your life so much easier.

We work with all the major finance companies (including Lex, Network, Arval, SG Fleet amongst others).  Our rates are just as competitive as larger leasing companies, if not better - to save your company money.

Contact us

Let us save you money, time and take the hassle out of organising your fleet.  Why not give us a call on 0845 052 5268 or send us an enquiry?

01993 894981
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